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Most people these days love herbal teas, so adding the products to your business will improve your sales and increase your customer base. It is believed that tea lovers are loyal and once they identify a favorite tea, they will be back every week to buy more. Additionally, they may also want to try out new offerings you have. While there are many caffeine-based teas like oolong, black and green teas, there are also others that are caffeine-free. These come from a wide range of plants which grow anywhere in the world. Due to the high demand for herbal teas, numerous businesses have been set up. If you want to grow your business, you need to know a few tricks that will help grow your business.

One of the tips is mixing interesting blends. If you want to start a successful herbal tea company, you must be willing to experiment. You need to learn about herbs with pleasant tastes and grow a wide variety of them. You will have a wide array of herbs to select and create the best tea combinations. Several traditional herbs including mint, lemon balm and chamomile are easy to cultivate but if you want to diversify your business, you should grow herbs like rugosa roses, hibiscus, rosemary and lemon thyme. Moreover, you need to consider buying ingredients that are hard to grow in your region. You can also source for additional ingredients such as lemon peels, cinnamon bark and ginger root from large-scale herb suppliers and add to your blends.

Experiment mixing different herbs at home and invite family or friends over to taste your tea. Your friends and family can vote on their favourite blends and you can use the information to choose the best tea to prepare for your clients. Secondly, the way you package your tea will determine your business growth or failure. Once you have decided the perfect tea blends, you need to know how you will package them to attract more customers and increase sales. Though there are several options for marketing tea, the most important decisions choosing whether you will sell your tea as loose-leaf or packaged. Some individuals prefer loose-leaf herbs sold in clear containers. Leaves placed in glass containers make a for a beautiful display.

Ensure you label the containers carefully and have a sample of each herb in a bowl for examination. You can sell the loose-leaf herbs by weight or price per gram. You need to have a kitchen scale so that your clients can see how you weigh the herbs. Once you weigh the tea, place it in a plastic bag so that customers can bring the bag for refill. Pre-bagged herbs are measured and secured in porous material. Since packaging tea is labor-intensive, packaged herbs are costly. You can sell pre-bagged herbs individually. It is best to seal different types of teas separately before mixing them in a large container. Lately, you shod have tea-tasting in your stand. Your customers can taste your tea t know what to expect before they buy.

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